Frequently Asked Questions

How many drills or beads are in a packet?

     Square drills there is approximately 180-200 and Round drills 200-220. Approximately weight 1.3 grams per packet.

What are the drills made of?

     Our drills are made of resin of the best quality. There are other drills or beads that are made of acrylic and there can be a lot of deformities.

Where is my picture coming from?

     These are printed in China and shipped to you Express TNT

What is the best size for my diamond painting? 

     For the best picture size send us the picture through messenger or via email, info@theblackframe.com.au. We can then discuss the best options.

How long will my diamond picture take to get to me?

     It will take our supplier about a week to produce and then about a week to arrive at your door. We will provide you with a tracking number. We will take no responsibility for orders that do not have a tracking number.

How long will my drills or beads order take to be sent?

     It will be posted the within 5 working days. Larger orders will take a little longer. You can contact The Black Framer to find out when it will be posted.

How long will my order take through Australia Post

     Australia Post says 5-10 working days (depending on what COVID19 restriction are active). In this current times it may take longer. It depends on a lot of things, let alone any restrictions that are in place.

How much will my order cost to post?

   Shipping will depend on what is purchased. We try to give the best rate possible, but Australia Post is not cheap. Once posted tracking number will be provided. 

*We will not accept responsibility for orders that do not have a tracking number.